Logo & Branding

Does your logo need HELP?

Are you using a low-resolution (pixelated) logo and could use a high-resolution version for web and print.

Does you Logo look DATED?

Many small businesses do not have a large budget to hire an agency to rebrand their business.   The logos below represent massive budgets, teams of designers, test-groups...etc.

A customized logo may not be out of reach!  If you settled for a logo from a clip-art menu at your print shop and are unhappy, you may be able to tweak and customize your logo on a budget!

The perfect time to re-think your logo and branding is when you update your website and claim/update your online business profiles!

Even VERY established businesses change/update their logo.  See Examples Below;



2010 2012


2010 2016


2007 2014


2012 2016


2013 2015


2007 2017


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