What are the benefits of

Managed WordPress Hosting?

A WordPress website performs BEST in a special environment built JUST for WordPress.  Several hosting companies offer Managed WordPress Hosting that starts around $40 month.  As a client of WebProvements, a hosting provider will be recommended based on the needs of your site.  Expect an additional monthly fee if you need someone to take care of your plug-in and theme updates.  

Hacker-Free Security

Safe and Secure with free Malware Clean-Up

Fast Speed

Optimized for FAST load times and Speedy Performance

SSL Certificates

Secure online transactions with encryption


Built For WordPress

Built to serve the WordPress platform by WordPress EXPERTS

Free Migrations

Free Migrations to Managed WordPress Hosting with a WebProvements Management Package

Nightly Backups

Your site is backed up every night so REST EASY!  Your site is safe!

The SERVER is critical to the success of your WordPress site.  If you are interested in learning more about WHY read Understanding “Server-Side” and “Client-Side” in WordPress by Fred Meyer, for a better understanding.

Five Languages make up the core of WordPress

  1. HTML: What web browsers read to turn text into fully formatted pages
  2. CSS: A styling language that makes HTML styling rules more flexible and repeatable
  3. PHP: The backbone of WordPress; what most WordPress themes and plugins, are written in
  4. JavaScript: A multipurpose language commonly used to make web pages more dynamic and interactive
  5. MySQL: The system that structures all WordPress databases

Using WordPress and Maintaining WordPress are very different.  Some business owners want to add content and images to their own site, create posts and pages...and we can train you for that!  Some business owners want everything taken care of, and WebProvements can do that TOO!  But Maintaining WordPress requires special care and should not be overlooked.

Think of your automobile, you drive the car (users) and use the right fuel (hosting), but most of you have a professional take care of your oil change (managed of managed hosting).  AND the benefit of having a professional manage your site,  problems can be mitigated before you have a crisis!!

A managed hosting plan may seem more expensive, but in the long run, you will save money (and attract more customers) with an optimally running website!

Contact WebProvements Care Managed Hosting, for a site review and monthly plan costs.