AdWords Campaign Set-up

If your AdWords Campaign was Set-Up before November 2017, your campaign probably needs attention!!!

In March of 2016, a major re-design of Google AdWords was announced.  In November of 2017, Promotion Extensions and Ad Variations were introduced.  If your AdWords Campaign has not been revamped in the past year, you are missing out on the benefits from "Redesigning  AdWords for Marketing in a Mobile First World"  and the "New AdWords Innovations to Build Better Results For Your Business".

If you are a business owner with the time and interest in creating a NEW AdWords Campaign, comprehensive documentation is now available from Google that can walk you through the steps to create an effective campaign on your own!!

If you are a business owner with the budget to hire WebProvements to create your NEW AdWords no further! 

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Do-it-yourself AdWords Campaign Set-up

Steps are outlined in "How To Set Up AdWords: A Checklist" this is a MUST READ for anyone looking to save money and "do-it-yourself"!

Pick Your Goal

One goal per campaign.  If you have multiple goals, it may be appropriate to run multiple campaigns.  What are your goals?

  • Online Sales Goal (e-commerce)?
  • More Traffic (exposure) for your website/business?
  • Lead Capture (fill out a form - join a mailing list)?
  • Phone Calls Only (there is a special campaign to track calls)?

Create Effective Ads

Keep it Simple!  You have a SNAP to make an impression.  Make that impression COUNT!!   A few tips for creating an effective AdWords Ad;


  • What is special about your product/service?  Stand out from your competition!
  • Include the search KEYWORD IN THE COPY!
  • Have an obvious Call-To-Action (based on your goals)
  • Keep the message clear and simple!


  • Ask a Question in your Headline.  (think about voice search)
  • Have a promotion or special offer!
  • Include a phrase from your landing page (might also be what is special about your product/service)
  • Include a Quote or Testimonial.

Set-Up Your Bid Strategy and Budget

Automated Bidding is typically the most effective Bidding Strategy.  For example:

  • If you're looking to drive conversion actions like sales or leads, you can use the "Maximize conversions" strategy.
  • If you're looking to receive as many clicks on your ads as possible, you can use the "Maximize clicks" strategy

Learn more about automated bidding.

AdWords Campaign Management

  • Manage Ads
  • Measure Results


AdWords Campaign Set-up is the first step in running a successful promotion.  AdWords ongoing Campaign Management is important to maintain the effectiveness of your campaign.  Next Step is to Manage your Ads and Measure Results!!

If all or part of this process is overwhelming then it might be time to add AdWords Campaign Management into your marketing budget.  Nancy at WebProvements is happy to discuss flexible management plans to fit most small/mid-sized marketing budgets.  


Learn more about AdWords Set-Up And Basics


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