Backlink/Citation Research and Consulting

Backlinking/Citation Research

Backlinking is a valuable practice that will help your presence on the web gain authority.  Authority is important for search engine ranking because it demonstrates that your business is competitive and has a good reputation.  Moz puts together a list every year of Citations (aka backlinks) that have the MOST authority.  Think of authority as WEIGHT…

What do you think were the top ranking citations for 2017 in South Florida?

At a minimum, you should be listed locally in each one of these directories.

Check EACH of the links above to make sure your business is listed, your profile info is accurate and makes your business SHINE!

  • Make SURE your website link is included and WORKS!!! (you may no longer need www or may need to add https:// if you have added an SSL Certificate!!!)
    • The best way to “grab” the correct link is to visit your homepage and copy your address in the address bar and paste in a worksheet to use when filling out your profiles.
  • Check your contact information for Accuracy
    • Address (it is a good idea to check USPS to make sure you are using standard abbreviations and formatting) USPS Zipcode lookup tool works GREAT!
    • Phone Number
    • E-Mail
    • Business Hours
  • Use EVERY field available to you!  This is a great way to get ahead of your competition.  The web is FULL of empty profiles (just look for an MD for proof!)
  • Put some thought into your business description.
    • What does it say about your business?
    • Is it CLEAR and simple?
    • Does it include your keywords?
    • The EXACT SAME description should be on your homepage.  (if it is not, it is time to update your homepage too!)
    • Write a short and an expanded version of your business description and put on a worksheet.  Copy-and-paste in each profile for consistency!
  • Includes a CLEAR logo.  Device resolution necessitates a larger image and server speed allows for larger file handling.   A 150px square logo (old standard) is going to pixelate and look unprofessional today.
  • Where customer feedback is given, it is important to respond in a timely manner.
  • If there is a place to display images of your business, it is important to upload images (and add images at regular intervals)
  • SHOW ACTIVITY!  These platforms help your business gain authority on the WEB!!